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Register for our giveaway campaign and save for a free Apple gift.

During september and october you can save up for a free product! At every goal you will receive a different product. Please sign up in advance to enter this promotion. The link to sign up is located below.Depending on your total order value you will receive one of the below gifts.

Choose your gift

  • iPad Air 2 128GB
  • iPhone 6S 16GB
  • iPhone 6 16GB
    When will you receive your gift?

    Only your online orders will count towards receiving your free gift. When you have reached your goal, you will receive your gift after the promotion has closed. The promotion is valid until 31st of October.

    Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is only valid on orders placed in the webshop and invoiced in September and October.
  • The product you will receive will be based on the total order value per company in September and October.
  • There is no limit on the amount of orders that can be placed.
  • Only one gift will be given out per company.
  • The total amount exc. VAT will be counted as total order value for this promotion.
  • Products are given out based on availability and an alternative can be offered.
  • This promotion ends on 31/10/2017.

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